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Caroline Glick: Ari Fuld, A Fighter for Israel in Life and Death…….


A lion of a man has passed from our midst…


I’m told by Brian (of London) that there were cars parked on either side of the road up to three kilometers from Ari’s funeral in Gush Etzion. That means that Fuld’s mourners walked that distance, twice, in the middle of the night when they made their way back to their cars. Brian guesses that there were between 10-15 000 mourners gathered to pay their respects to this man. May his name be a blessing.


Note: When I was with Brian and Tommy Robinson in Israel, we passed by the shopping square were Ari Fuld was murdered, stabbed in the back by a 16-year-old, poisoned in the mind, Islamonazi.


“That personified who he was. He always went up to journalists and confronted them for their lies. He was such a fighter. And he died fighting like he lived. His name Ari means lion. And he was a Lion of Israel in every way.


Caroline Glick: Ari Fuld, A Fighter for Israel in Life and Death


Ari Fuld, who was murdered Sunday outside of a supermarket in Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem, was the sort of person you could always count on to put his own interests on hold to help Israel. His passion for Israel and its defense permeated everything he did.


Fuld, the New York native, U.S. citizen, and 45-year old father of four, did not even let his wounds stop him from defending Israel. After the Palestinian terrorist stabbed him in the back, Fuld — a combat verteran from Israel’s elite Golani Infantry Brigade — managed to swerve around and pursue his attacker, shooting him in the back several times before he collapsed from his wounds. He died shortly thereafter at a Jerusalem-area hospital.


Fuld moved to Israel in the early 1990s. He studied in a yeshiva and served in the Israeli army. He grew up in Riverdale, New York, and studied at SAR Jewish Day School there, where he father served as principal.


His childhood friend, Avi Abelow, moved to Israel at the same time. Both men settled in Efrat, a suburban community south of Jerusalem, with a large American émigré population. They lived on the same street, sat next to one another at synagogue every day, and raised their children together.


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