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Poland and the Czech Republic are behind Hungary in the dispute with the EU…….


Former Communist countries can sniff out the real totalitarians…


Poland and the Czech Republic are behind Hungary in the dispute with the EU


After the rule of law proceedings against Hungary, Warsaw warns against a further division of the EU by means of sanctions against Member States. FPÖ club leader Gudenus wants to deepen cooperation with the Hungarian Parliament.


After the launch of an EU rule of law procedure against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic have demonstratively put themselves behind the government in Budapest. “Each country has the sovereign right to implement reforms in the country that it deems appropriate,” said the Polish Foreign Ministry. Controversial Czech  Prime Minister Andrej Babis stated that his Government was on the side of Hungary.


Poland wants to reject any sanctions that the EU could impose on Budapest. Action against member states only deepened the split in the EU and undermined citizens’ trust in the European institutions, according to the Warsaw Declaration.


The FPÖ extends its hand towards Hungary


There were also sympathy statements on the part of the FPÖ in the direction of Hungary. In view of the vote in the European Parliament, club chairman Johann Gudenus announced that he would like to improve relations with the Budapest Parliament. “We want to intensify the contact between democratically elected institutions,” said Gudenus, who is also chairman of the Austro-Hungarian parliamentary Friendship Group, the Austria Press Agency.


The FPÖ politician criticized the fact that, unlike other votes in the European Parliament, abstentions were not counted in the vote. This was an ‘ arbitrary act ‘ and would ‘ exacerbate the crisis of confidence in the EU’s democratic institutions ‘.


On the offer of FPOe chief Heinz-Christian Strache to Hungary’s head of government Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to work together in a joint EU group in the future, Gudenus said: “The offer is available. ” The Hungarian prime minister called the FPÖ club chairman a “protective shield for Europe”.

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