Belgium Fighting Back

Four Belgian parties call for banning Islamonazi party…….


It’s the epitome of subversion so what is the justification for allowing it any place in any normal civilized free society..?


I’m for, however, the right of the civil society to treat any of its members as pariahs. Handle them (as well as Marxists and Nazis and the run-of-the-mill socialists) that way instead of banning them. Treat them as fringe that they truly are.


Four Belgian Political Parties Call for Banning of Pro-Sharia Islamist Party


Four political parties are pushing forward laws that could prohibit the pro-sharia Partij Islam ahead of Belgium’s upcoming municipal elections.


The Independent Federal Democrat Party (DEFI), the right-wing Reform Movement (MR), the Humanist Democratic Centre (CDH), and the Socialist Party (PS) have announced a proposal to ban parties “whose aim is to threaten public liberties”, which may include the Islamist party, Le Point reports.


The party gained notoriety earlier this year after its founder, Anderlecht municipal councillor Redouane Ahrouch, declared: “Our goal is a one hundred percent Islamic state.”

He was later fired from his job as a bus driver for his comments which included suggesting that buses in Belgium should be segregated by gender to prevent women being sexually harassed.


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