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Swedish Democrats get one more seat due to “tired election workers”…….


Swedish media: There was an error in the election result, one more place for the Swedish Democrats: “The staff members were terribly tired”


Other parties have rejected co-operation with Jimmie Åkesson, the Swedish Democrats. According to one estimation, a minority government, which relies on Swedish Democrats on some issues, comes to power. 

West – Götaland revealed the error results of Sweden’s election registration, with the result giving the Center party a Reichstag seat belonging to the Swedish Democrats.


Swedish media such as Aftonbladet and SVT reported on itIn Finland, the matter was first told by Yle.


As a result of this correction, the Swedish Democrats are receiving 63 State Members for the Parliament and the number of seats for the Center party falls to 30.


At the same time the red-green bloc increased its lead in relation to the conservative block – the difference between the amounts is now 144 – 142 .


The error was due to the fact that the electoral officer had reported the outcome of the elections in the district elections as results of the parliamentary elections .


– I thought I had done everything right and gave all three reports, a mistake made by a clerk said the Aftonbladet .


Electoral spokeswoman Lars Aden Lisinski referred to SVT’s comment on ” human factors ” Aftonbladet Lisinski said that the reports had been sent to the evening, when the election workers were Lisinski, the ” huge tired ” .



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