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Finland: Iraqi twins’ appeal trial that suspected them of murdering 11 people near Iraqi city of Tikrit…….


Guilty or not, these people are costing our society tens of millions of euros…


Iraqi twins’ appeal trial


The Pori-based newspaper Satakunnan Kansa starts out our review this Tuesday with a story on today’s start of a Turku Appeals Court trial of Iraqi twins suspected of killing 11 people near the Iraqi city of Tikrit.


Irakilaiskaksosten jutun lasku Suomelle jo puoli miljoonaa — Turun hovioikeus alkaa tänään pohtia veljesten osuutta joukkomurhaan


Iraq has requested that the two men be extradited back to their home country, but Finland has not agreed to this, as the suspects would face the death penalty there. International agreements require Finland to try people accused of serious crimes, even if the crime is not linked to the country in any way, says Finland’s Prosecutor General Raija Toiviainen.


The paper reports that the costs of trying the Iraqi twins in Finland has already grown to at least 470,000 euros. After a four-month trial in 2017, a court in Tampere found insufficient evidence to charge the men, after which the then-Deputy Prosecutor General of Finland Toiviainen appealed the case to the higher court.


Court documents explain that in June 2014 the terror group ISIS took over the cities of Mosul and Tikrit as well as the nearby Camp Speicher military base. ISIS captured some 1500 Iraqi soldiers, including new conscripts. In the days that followed, more than 1,000 of them were killed. The twin brothers, born in 1992, are both believed to have taken part in the massacre, with at least one of them suspected of killing 11 people. The brothers were identified by their fellow asylum seeker reception centre inhabitants on an ISIS video of the atrocity, and were taken into custody in Finland in December 2015.


The paper writes that if the brothers are not convicted, they will both likely be entitled to some 50,000 euros in compensation for criminal damages, whereas a lifetime prison sentence would cost Finland over one million euros per prisoner.



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