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Denmark: 20 Somalis/Arabs wearing masks destroy pizzeria with bats…….


Making the neighborhood feel the multiculturalism…


Up to 20 people destroyed a pizzeria – several were masked and equipped with baseball bats

According to witnesses, the perpetrators were of “Somali or Arab appearance”.


A group of up to 20 people committed vandalism Monday at Frydenlund Center in Aarhus V.


East Jutland’s Police reports.


Thus, many people – most of them masked – clashed at 20.45 at a pizzeria in the center where they smashed the windows into the eatery and destroyed the furniture inside.


According to the police, allegedly used bats and similar objects were used for the army.

Witnesses have described the perpetrators as “Somali or Arabic,” reported in the daily report.


East Jutland’s Police are investigating the incident, including the motive for the army. The police asks any witnesses to the episode to contact Tel. 114.



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