Fighting Back Sweden

Sweden: ‘Middle-class’ students voting for SD in upcoming elections…….


Unlike the US Democrat party which never apologized for its role in slavery nor suppression of Blacks during reconstruction and the segregation period, The SD has taken every possible route in disavowing its past, and former name…


Calling them ‘far-right’ is just a smear tactic.


Simon and Jakob are middle-class students: Today they and millions like them are set to vote for a party with neo-Nazi roots as once-liberal Sweden lurches to the far-Right… so just what IS going on?

The far-Right leader threatening to shake up the socialist nirvana of Sweden and send shock waves around Europe in today’s election has promised to ‘make something new’ for his nation after a campaign dominated by immigration issues.


Jimmie Akesson, whose Sweden Democrats (SD) is poised for an astonishing breakthrough that could see it emerge as the country’s biggest party, used a rally in Malmö to ram home his divisive message on migration.


Having rebranded a party with neo-Nazi roots, Akesson is ahead in some polls in a country that has seen the Left-leaning Social Democrats finish first in every election since 1917.


Yesterday Stefan Löfven, the Social Democrat Prime Minister, warned that backing the SD was ‘dangerous,’ saying it was ‘like trying to quench fire with alcohol’.


The rally followed a furore over comments Akesson made in the final election debate that migrants could not get jobs ‘because they are not Swedish’ and ‘do not fit in’.


‘We are the only ones who understand that you do not change your values just because you change the ground under your feet,’ he told supporters in Malmö. ‘To point out immigrants who have just arrived are not Swedes cannot be against democratic values.’


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