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List of Finnish (moron) artists who will boycott next year’s Eurovision competition in Israel…….


Good riddance!


Israel won this year’s Eurovision song contest, and the usual (radical Leftist) suspects intend to boycott the event. Let’s be frank here, who cares whether these blowhards watch it or not? In their badly misguided virtue signaling, these morons side with the enemies of liberty and freedom. The so-called ‘Palestinians’ are the worst violators of their own human/civil rights. Blaming Israel for what they do themselves is just projection, parroting their Islamonazi propaganda just makes these Finnish/European artists into the fools that we all know they are.


Boycott Eurovision Song Contest hosted by Israel

Artists from Europe and beyond support the appeal from Palestinian artists to boycott the contest next year

The Guardian

Leftist losers siding with Islamonazis.

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