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Sweden: Muslim Greens candidate proposed selling votes to opposition party in exchange for mosque building permit…….


No doubt in my mind that this kind of thing happens in just about every community where Muslim demographics are at a noticeable level.


H/T: Ted Ekeroth:

More about how multiculturalism erodes democracy and corrupts society and its institutions.


Moderaterna offered 3000 votes to secure mosque space – Greens invited them to the meeting

ASSIGNMENT REVIEW · An opportunity to get thousands of votes that would mean a changed political game plan. That was what lay on the table when two moderaterna politicians came to a meeting at the Alby Mosque. The invitation came from their political opponents – Greens party Ali Khalil. And the votes were not without strings attached.


The moderate opposition councilwoman Stina Lundgren and her secretary went to the Alby Mosque in late July for what they thought was a regular visit. But the meeting soon takes an unexpected turn.


The moderaterna officials get an offer. It’s about an opportunity to get thousands of votes in the election. An adequate number, according to Stina Lundgren, could mean a change of power in the long-term red-green municipality.


“They said that the congregation is about 4,500, and they could tip as many as 3,000 votes,” says Stina Lundgren.


But it’s not free. Stina Lundgren and her colleague were secretly offered votes – in exchange for the Moderates to ensure that the congregation is granted building permission for a new mosque.


“Of course we were completely shocked. We did not expect this meeting to have such a purpose at all.



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  2. Surely this “sale of votes” will land them in prison?

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