Anti-Israel bigotry and bias NGO MONITOR Sweden

Sweden’s philo-Islamic government’s paper attacks NGO Monitor in a series of innuendo laced hit pieces…….


NGO Monitor debunks their biased nonsense…

The timing of the articles’ publication in a government-owned outlet is noteworthy – nine days before Swedish elections and following a series of articles critical of Swedish aid.

Swedish Gov’t Newspaper Invokes Antisemitism and Innuendo to Attack NGO Monitor

On August 31, a Swedish magazine, OmVärlden, which is owned by the government’s International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA), published a series of 20 articles attacking NGO Monitor. The articles consist largely of innuendo and factual inaccuracies, and, most alarming, they were accompanied by antisemitic motifs reminiscent of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


NGO Monitor’s President Prof. Gerald Steinberg is featured in the center of a “spider web” and alongside him are prominent Israeli and American government officials, such as Prime Minister Netanyahu, Ambassador David Friedman, National Security Advisor John Bolton, and others.
In their barrage, the ideological journalists referenced our success in obtaining media coverage in leading Swedish publications, including three articles in Aftonbladet and an op-ed in Göteborgsposten, as well as impact in other European countries. This series highlights Swedish-government funding to antisemitic and terror-linked non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Notably missing from the 20 articles in OmVärlden is any reference to the absence of due diligence regarding the $36 million that Sweden provided to political NGOs in the region since 2016.
The attack in a Swedish government outlet is another indication of the impact of NGO Monitor’s research in exposing details of funding to groups that promote antisemitism, incite violence, and glorify terror. The government officials and NGOs that are involved, as well as their allies are clearly seeking to intimidate and block this important debate.

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