Finland: Anti-Islam/ization activist city councilman on trial for saying ”mean things about Islam”…….


Tiina Wiik:

We’re at the court house, where Junes’s trial for hate-incitement begins in a few minutes. This being such a serious blogging-offense, there are reporters here and everything.
This should be interesting. The trial hasn’t even started yet, and already Junes called the judge crazy and asked: “Could we have someone normal in your place?”

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  1. Muslims say we must look to their prophet Mohamed as the blueprint for how humanity should be. History however, even in their handoffs, say that Mohamed married a six year old girl named Aeisha and consummated their marriage when she was nine years old. If that is not pedophilia, then what is?
    There are two primary ko’rans. The mecca and the medina. The median is the most violent of the two. In surra, chapter nine, also known as the sword verses, Islamists are instructed to lye in wait for the infidels, or, unbelievers and to convert them. If they convert, ot we’ll. If they don’t, then smite them above the neck. In other words, cut off ththeir heads. Mohammed was a desert pirate and a mass murderer.
    Islam has a teaching that is used, especially when they are in the minority, called taqhia which means deception. The transliteration of taqhia is ” smiling at your enemy with your eyes while cursing him in your heart. Islam does not mean peace. It means SUBMISSION

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