Germany Rape

Germany: Ten year old boy held down by migrant ‘youths’ and raped…….


Gates of Vienna: 

The “boys” responsible for the rape of their classmate were probably not quite as old as the “child” refugees shown in the photo at the top of this post. But, still — I’ll bet those wee urchins were showing quite a bit of five-o’clock shadow by the time they returned to Berlin after their day trip to the Schloss.

Ten-Year-Boy Raped by a Ten-Year-Old Culture-Enricher


This is one of those stories that could only come out of the Fellini-like nightmare that is Modern Multicultural Germany: a ten-year-old boy was raped by his classmates after a school outing to Kröchlendorff Castle. The alleged rapist was reportedly also ten years old, while the boys who held the victim down were allegedly eleven.


As far as I can tell from reading various alternative media reports and talking to Germans, no one believes that the migrants who attacked the victim are really ten and eleven years old. Like most of the other “children” who have migrated to Germany over the past few years, they are undoubtedly substantially older than they claim to be. Remember the murderer of Maria L., who remained 17 years old for at least five years? Or the other murderous fellow (I forget his name), who claimed to be 15, but must have been at least 25 years old, based on various physical characteristics. Claiming minor status is a strategic move on the part of the migrants — they know they’ll get more lavish benefits, plus the punishments for juvenile crimes are absurdly light. As for the ten-year-old rapist — except for being suspended from school and forced to attend counseling sessions, I doubt he’ll be punished at all.


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