Fighting Back Italy

Salvini unloads, fires salvo at tiny Frenchman Macron as a hypocrite on mass migration…….


Macron thinks that he’s going to arrange an effective block against a few countries who have leaders who actually represent their constituencies, he’s going to fail…


Salvini: ‘Hypocrite’ Macron Should Either Shut His Mouth or Open His Borders


Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has blasted French President Emmanuel Macron, calling him a “hypocrite” for turning away migrants while lecturing other nations about open borders.


“We do not take lessons from a hypocrite,” Salvini said Thursday in response a statement by Macron decrying nationalists who “preach hate.”


On Tuesday, Mr. Salvini met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Milan after which the two leaders vowed to demolish the current European Union (EU) globalist structure and replace it with a model that respects the national sovereignty of EU countries.


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