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Finland: Turku jihadi appeals court decision, council challenges ‘terror intent’ though client insisted it was in fact terrorism…….


This is just one of those lame attempts to subvert a modicum of justice, the perp should have been executed, but alas, Finland no longer has state execution of convicted murderers.


Turku stabber appeals decision

A Moroccan man sentenced to life in prison for Finland’s first legally-defined terror attack wants to take the case to an appeals court.


The man convicted of last year’s terror attack in Turku has appealed his sentence.


The Turku District Court said on Friday that his appeal request had arrived on the last possible day.


In June, the court found Moroccan-born Abderrahman Bouanane guilty of two counts of murder with terrorist intent and eight counts of attempted murder.


First crime defined as terrorism


The court declared that his crimes met the definition of terrorist intent – for the first time ever in a Finnish judicial ruling – because the assailant said he wanted his attack to be seen as a continuation of terror acts attributed to ISIS, among other reasons. The terror group did not claim responsibility for the attack.


His attack, which lasted about three minutes last August, left two women dead and eight people injured.


He was sentenced to life in prison, which in Finland means an average of 14 years behind bars.


Bouanane’s lawyer said immediately after the sentencing that his client would appeal the ruling of terrorist intent, at least. The prosecutor now has two weeks to file a counter-appeal.



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