US: Maryland Islamic Schools Tied to Iranian Regime……


Our societies are so heavily infiltrated by Islamos from either side of their ideological track…


EXCLUSIVE: Maryland Islamic Schools Tied to Iranian Regime

sheikh tied to the Iranian regime is currently teaching at two Maryland Islamic schools and leads a mosque in the state and teaches at another, Clarion Project discovered.


In addition, his daughter is posting pro-Hezbollah propaganda that glorifies violent jihad.


Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee is a Shiite cleric trained at a radical university in Iran. He has been the resident alim (religious leader) of the Idara-e-Jaferia Islamic Center in Burtonsville since November 2013. The facility was described as “one of the largest Islamic Centers on the East Coast.”


He was appointed by the mosque’s president, Syed Mohammed Naqvi, after Moulana Rafiq Naqvi fell ill.


The Islamic Center that Sheikh Jalil leads also runs the Jaferia Islamic School, a private school that teaches children between the ages of 5 and 15.


He is also educating children and teenagers at the Muslim Community School and Alim Academy in Montgomery County, where he teaches classes on the Quran. This educational body also has extensive links to the Iranian regime.


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