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Sweden: SD leader Åkesson says (state funded) Left-wing radio program should be shut down, Leftist media in outrage…….


Swedes are forced to fund this Leftist clap-trap organization, he’s right..!


Swedish Populist Tells Left-Wing State Radio Station Live on Air: I’d Abolish You

Several members of the Swedish political establishment, including the country’s Culture Minister, slammed populist Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson after he said he would advocate shutting down a left-liberal radio station.


The Sweden Democrats leader made his comments while on radio station P3, which is run by Swedish national radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio on Wednesday, SVT reports.


“Had I been the boss here I would have shut down P3 directly,” Åkesson said and criticised the channel of being too left-wing while a guest on one of the station’s programmes.


Culture Minister Alice Bah Kunkhe slammed the comments saying: “Jimmie Åkesson’s statement against P3 and public service is one of the worst desires I have heard during my time as Minister of Culture. It is clear that the Swedish Democrats are a party that poses a threat to the free speech.”


Christer Nylander of the Liberals added to the criticism saying: “We have seen how SD’s sister parties in Europe get on and try to control and influence the media.”


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Half of Swedes Avoid Mainstream Media, Get Most of Their News from Alternative Sites 

“But when a leading politician says it that way, it’s very serious. It is a direct or indirect way to try and influence things,” Nylander added.


Later the same day Åkesson doubled down on his comments during a programme hosted by newspaper Expressen saying: “I want to emphasise that I say it as a licensee, not as a politician, who goes in and downloads media. But I think P3 is a dirt channel, I really think so.”


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