Finland Incitement Laura Huhtasaari

Finland: Finns candidate for president under investigation for incitement of an ethnic group…….


What’s interesting is the fact that the police refused to reveal who filed the complaint against her, it’s anonymous..!


In normal countries one is able to face one’s accuser, this is morally wrong on multiple levels. That said, even if Huhtasaari is able to learn of the accuser’s identity, most of these cases end up in conviction because facts and truth are not a defense here, just the feeling of being slighted or insulted is enough for a conviction.


Video: Complaint filed against Laura Huhtasaari for incitement against an ethnic group

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  1. O/T, couldn’t find anywhere to post a comment on the Beatrix von Storch video. In it, the great lady mentions the fact that even now when the migrant (deliberate) crisis is meant to be in slow motion mode, 15,000 migrants still arrive in Germany every week! That statistic blew me away. It’s the one thing I remember from watching the video this morning. Numbers like that stick in peoples brain, then they tell their friends and family.

    It’s that kind of information that gets people to sit up and think, what the hell are our political traitor class up to. Why have they not closed the borders? Just a thought. It would be great if we could get a country by country weekly head count of how many migrants are coming in. In a video I watched just a week or two ago, I was stated that 500 plus illegal migrants arrived in Paris every single week! I think it’s that kind of detail that would really make people starting asking hard questions of their local parliamentary traitor and maybe get them to change their policies, yea right, as if.

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