Racism or not US politics

NYT’s newly minted in house racist Sarah Jeong uses Saul Alinksy tactics in accusing Ron DeSantis of ‘rascism’…….


This is what they do, knowing that it will keep their lunatic base fired up…



The New York Times loves pretending to find coded racist meanings in the everyday remarks of political opponents, but refuses to condemn its own racism

Having never heard the dictum about pots, kettles and glass houses, the New York Times eagerly rushed to join the rest of its media cohort in trying to rig the Florida race by pretending that Ron DeSantis had said something racist.


“On Wednesday, Mr. DeSantis drew accusations of using a racist dog whistle after saying in a Fox News interview that voters should not “monkey this up” by electing Mr. Gillum,” the Times claimed.


“Monkey this up”, is a figure of speech. And it takes a racist to even make that association.


Meanwhile the New York Times hired Sarah Jeong whose racism wasn’t coded in dog whistles, but in plain and open language.

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