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Sweden: Short sighted Jewish leaders call for officials only to ban Neo-Nazi Nordic Front, not Muslim Brotherhood/Islamonazi groups…….


Truth be told, the number of people clinging to the Islamonazi ideology far outnumbers the minuscule lunatic rabble of the Neo-Nazis…


No, their (Nazi scumbags) numbers are not growing in any discernable way either. All forms of Jew-hatred is “the herpes of Europe, including that brought by the hordes of Muslims coming from overwhelmingly Jew-hating countries in the Middle East. The same journalist mentioned in the article knows about Islamic Jew-hatred, but yet no call by her to ban Hizb-ut Tahrir or the Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden, why?



‘Antisemitism is the herpes of Europe’ says prominent Swedish journalist.


Swastika grafitti (illustrative)

 AUGUST 27, 2018 05:3

Leaders and prominent members of the Jewish community in Sweden have renewed calls to ban the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement, following the latest of several demonstrations by the party in recent months.

Approximately 300 far-right activists participated in a demonstration held by the NRM on Saturday morning, designed to attract attention to the party in the lead-up to Sweden’s general election scheduled for September 9.

Saturday’s rally follows a demonstration it staged in July during an annual political conference, and a rally held in September last year in Gothenberg.

Despite advocating policies restricting citizenship to “Nordic” people, “repatriating” immigrants who are not of Nordic ancestry, and working “to regain power from the global Zionist elite,” the NRM has not been banned.

Jewish Community in Stockholm President Aron Verstandig said neo-Nazi activity in Sweden has been on the rise “for some time,” and described NRM as “an openly violent” party which should be outlawed.

“I see it as extremely troubling that we have a rising neo-Nazi movement in Sweden, and the politicians should do whatever they can to ban these organizations,” said Verstandig.

“The government hasn’t done enough to limit this group and legislation needs to be passed” to proscribe the party, he said.
Verstandig said the Jewish community had felt “very intimidated” by Saturday’s march, even though the demonstration was not directed specifically against Jews.

“This community is largely made up of Holocaust survivors and their descendants, so to see people openly saying they are Nazis in public is very scary,” he said.

The NRM describes itself as a “National Socialistic organization,” which seeks to establish a National Socialist society and has a specific policy agenda item of retaking power from the “global Zionist elite who have economically and militarily occupied the greater part of our world.”

Their policy platform says “global Zionists” not only “promote” the State of Israel, but also “work [for the] long-term for instability in all nations that could be a threat to their power structure.”

Despite the demonstration and rising visibility of the NRM, Verstandig said, in general, there is a “good environment” for the Jewish community in Stockholm, and that it does not feel any sense of discrimination, noting that Jewish summer camps and educational institutions are fully attended.


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