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Jussi Halla-aho: Same suburban bomb in Finland, as in Sweden…….


Jussi said as much years ago in 2009: 



Jussi Halla-aho to USU: There are risky suburbs in Finland

Finland is like Sweden 15 years ago, says the chairman of The Finns party.


According to Jussi Halla-aho  , Parliament Speaker of The Finns, it goes without saying that in Finland there’s a risk with suburbs with immigrant populations. He thinks that Finland is in the same situation as Sweden 15 years ago.


Internal security, problem suburbs and gangs have risen in Sweden in a powerful way after dozens of cars were burned last week in various parts of Sweden. According to Prime Minister  Stefan Löfven  , the attacks were coordinated so well that they resembled a “military operation”.


In Sweden, there have been a lot of arson in recent years. Also, armed violence and grenade attacks have been on the rise.


According to Jussi Halla-aho, Finland is following Sweden.


“It has been repeated in Finland that we have time to avoid the mistakes made by Sweden, but at the same time we have done faithfully what Sweden has done,” he says in an interview with the Uusi Suomalainen.


Halla-aho says that problems can not be solved by means other than the reduction of immigrants.


The Minister of the Interior, Kai Mykönen, said last week that the online news Verkko Uutiset that arson was a continuation of prior events in Sweden. According to the minister, it is also evident that the Swedish police’s ability to control the situation in certain suburbs is something that must be avoided in Finland.


Kai Mykkänen has since proposed , among other things, the prevention of gangs by nearby police officers.


According to Mr Mykkänen, some 20 new police posts are needed for the risks in the suburbs where there are young people who are drifting into criminal organizations. The minister wants an annual appropriation of EUR 2 million for the positions.


– The point would be that, for example, for six suburbs should be 2-3 police per suburb, from which about a dozen police will come. And they would then buy a fleet (of vehicles) and equipment, from which about a couple of million will be needed, Kai Mykkänen said to IS. (in Finnish)


Here is Kent Ekeroth in Finland (2015) warning Finns party members about not following Sweden’s footsteps:


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