Swedish state TV program reports majority of men convicted of rape/attempted rape in Sweden come from outside of Europe…….


Reporting (incredibly) what we’ve been saying for what seems like forever…


SVT: 58 percent of rapists sent to prison in Sweden come from outside of Europe

 (adapted )
Swedish television is presenting today a program that publishes fresh rape statistics.

According to Sweden’s state broadcaster SVT Uppdrag granskning program, – 58 percent of those convicted of rape or attempted rape in Sweden were born outside of Sweden.


Foreigners account for more than 80 percent when only those cases where the rapist and the victim do not know each other are includedIn 40% of these cases, the perp has stayed in Sweden for a maximum of one year.


SVT reports the results of the on Uppdrag granskning program on its websiteThe material has been from the last five years and is based on district court judgments.


The total number of arrested individuals is 843 .427 of them are born outside Europe .Of these, 197 were in the Middle – East and North – Africa, 134 came from the southern parts of Africa and the rest of the 96 other non-European countries .


According to SVT, Swedish rape statistics show young men from Afghanistan .According to the material, 45 were sentenced.



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