UK: Westminster car ramming jihadi described as a “quiet, kind guy”…….


Up until the point where he began taking Mohamed seriously and tried to execute the non-believer under the wheels of his car…


‘He’s quiet, kind, it’s just an accident’: Friend of Sudanese immigrant held over Westminster terror attack tells of his shock as man’s family insist he is a ‘normal person’ with no fanatical ideas


Anwar Khater (left) said his friend Salih Khater ‘definitely’ did not mean to mow down pedestrians and cyclists outside the Houses of Parliament yesterday morning. Speaking to ITV, he described the terror suspect as ‘kind’ and ‘quiet’.


The suspect is also known to have played football with a team (top right). Salih Khater’s brother Abdullah has said the family is in a ‘state of shock’ about his sibling’s carborne rampage outside the Houses of Parliament at 7.30am yesterday morning.


Khater (top and bottom right) told friends he was driving down for a visa appointment at Sudan’s embassy in St James’ Park – less than a mile away from Westminster – to avoid early morning traffic.

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