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UK police act quickly in taking down car ramming islamonazi jihadi from Sudan…….


I praise the courage of these officers and condemn the moronic political class that allowed mass migration of unassimilable people into their country…


‘Second to none’: Praise pours in for armed police who ran straight TOWARDS danger when ‘terrorist attacked Westminster’

Within minutes of the attack outside the Houses of Parliament in London yesterday armed police had swarmed the vehicle (left) and arrested Salih Khater (inset, right during his arrest), 29.


Both MPs and members of the public have taken to Twitter to praise the brave officers for their quick reactions to the shocking carborne attack at 7.37am yesterday. MP Amber Rudd said: ‘I’ve seen first-hand the bravery and professionalism of our emergency services and I know it is second to none. I want to thank them for their swift response this morning.’


More than 200 officers flooded the area, and specialist officers and sniffer dogs were brought in to ‘sanitise’ the scene – a term used when checking for a bomb or dangerous chemicals. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, joined others in praising the police for their rapid response, saying: ‘The response of Londoners today shows that we will never be cowed, intimidated or divided by any terrorist attack. My heartfelt thanks goes to the brave first responders who were so quickly on the scene following the attack.’


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