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“Swedish” man arrested in Albania for smuggling guns to Europe…….


H/T: @JuliaCaesar08 who asks: “How Swedish is he?”


More likely he looks like this:


Swedish man arrested in Albania – had 19 guns in his suitcase


A Swedish man in his 20’s has been arrested on a bus from Albania to Germany. He had 19 guns in his suitcase. 

“According to the information we have, he is arrested for arms smuggling,” said Magdalena Nergården, on the UD’s consular inquiry.


According to the Albanian press, the man was arrested on Monday. He then sat as a passenger on a bus between Albania and Germany. According to the Albanian police, a routine check was made when the pistols were found in the man’s bag. 

“What we can say is that we know from the information that a Swedish man has been arrested on the border between Albania and Montenegro. According to the information we have, he is arrested for arms smuggling, “said Magdalena Nergården, on the UD’s consular inquiry.


Weapons are used


The police in Albania have strengthened controls at the border to stop weapons and drug smugglers, they write on their website. They then use dogs searching through the luggage in the coaches.


The guns have been seized and the man is arrested for gun smuggling. According to Albanian media, the police are now investigating how the weapons have been come by and why the Swede had them in his bag.


Sweden’s Embassy in Tirana is now following the case, according to the Foreign Ministry.



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