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Daniel Greenfield: “Why do people believe crazy conspiracy theories?” Wonders crazy conspiracy theory peddling media…..


Once again, spot on analysis…



“Why do seemingly sane people believe bizarre conspiracy theories?” asks NBC News.


It’s talking about QAnon, instead of its own claims that Trump is really a Russian agent controlled by Moscow, and that the Russians rigged the election by posting “fake news” to Facebook. And that the only answer to this urgent crisis, which is worse than 9/11, Pearl Harbor and the end of disco music, is to completely control social media and the internet to eliminate all non-media fake news.

“If it sounds crazy, that’s because it is. The mostly right-wing conspiracy theory makes a series of mind-blowing allegations that include Democrat-run centers for pedophiles and Satanic cults.”

As opposed to the mostly left-wing conspiracy theory which claims that the Russians have footage of Trump with urinating prostitutes and that Chabad Jewish Chassidism are the pipeline for controlling him through the NRA.


But that’s the super-serious conspiracy theory on which Obama’s eavesdropping on Trump associates and the Mueller investigation, not to mention 90% of the media’s non-viral video output, is based.

The theory first appeared on various online message boards like “8Chan,” where followers shared “bread crumbs” — clues — about the dark and powerful forces that supposedly run their country.


As opposed to the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post and NBC News where the media digs up clues about the vast Russo-Trump conspiracy involving Ukraine weapons shipments, the UK, Australia, Chinese brands, the NRA, and Trump’s weight gain.


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