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#GardenofSweden: Cars burn in spate of attacks across Sweden……..


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Cars burn in spate of attacks across Sweden

Cars burn in spate of attacks across Sweden
Gothenburg police believe the attacks in their area were coordinated. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
Dozens of cars burned in several cities in Sweden on Monday evening.

Gothenburg police and fire services were alerted to the first blaze after 9pm, after which several more calls came in from the city as well as Trollhättan, Lysekil and Falkenberg some 100 kilometres away.


“We have been to around 20 places in Gothenburg. It’s mainly vehicles that have burned – cars, some truck, caravans – but also some buried waste disposal site,” Johan Eklund, emergency control room officer in the greater Gothenburg area, told Swedish news agency TT shortly after midnight.


Swedish media reported that groups of up to ten youths had been seen throwing stones and lighting cars on fire in Gothenburg districts Gårdsten, Hjällbo and Frölunda, among other locations.


In Trollhättan, 70 kilometres north of Gothenburg, a larger group of people was reportedly involved, wrote TT. Six cars burned in the town and youths were reported throwing stones at police.


“We know from experience that these kinds of fires more often happen the week before schools start than other weeks,” police spokesperson Ulla Brehm told TT


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