Egypt Muslim persecution of Christians

Egyptian security forces stopped Islamonazi from blowing self up in Egypt church…….


Or as Vlad and I like to call them, ‘Pop-tards’…



Bomber killed in foiled attack on Egypt church

The attacker targeted a congregation of Copts at annual celebration


Cairo: Egyptian security forces on Saturday stopped a man from blowing himself up at a church north of Cairo where a massive celebration was under way, police sources said.


Strict security on the road to the Lady Virgin Church in the area of Mosturd prevented the would-be attacker from coming too close to the place where hundreds of Coptic Christians were gathering at the annual festival, the sources added.

“His explosive belt went off while he was on the Mosturd Bridge, resulting in his instant death,” one source added, asking not to be named because he was not authorised to speak to media.


No other casualties were reported.


Bishop Abdul Masih Basit of the Lady Virgin Church said that the attacker had dressed like a construction worker in an attempt to sneak into the gathering.


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