Leftist Fascism

Leftist Hollywood celebrates social media giants banning Alex Jones Show from their platforms…….


A highly coordinated event, a cabal move to silence a voice with whom they disagree…


Those who are against AJ could have done what I do, simply avoid it, but no, they have to go and shut it down like the true fascists/commie bastards that they are.


Hollywood Celebrates Masters of the Universe Banning Alex Jones: ‘It’s About Damn Time’


A handful of Hollywood personalities took to Twitter on Monday to celebrate tech giants Apple, Facebook, and YouTube’s decision to purge radio host Alex Jones and his Infowars properties from their platforms.


“Good news: YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify are all banning Alex Jones and Infowars. Bad news: He’ll either get a job offer from Fox News or Donald Trump,” Actress and Former Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler wrote.


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