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Katie Hopkins: 4 Lessons we need to learn from the Tommy Robinson case……..


What they did to Tommy was a gross violation of his human rights…


“The next time the Establishment tells you Putin is a monster, or points the finger at North Korea, or wants you to believe President Assad does terrible things to his people – remember what they did to

4 Lessons We Need to Learn From the Tommy Robinson Case

  • AUG 2 2018

Tommy Robinson is free, for now.


The Lord Chief Justice decided Tommy was improperly tried, improperly convicted, improperly sentenced and improperly treated in prison. For many of us watching around the world, the decision feels like a little victory.


Now the case will be re-heard under a new judge — the third judge for this case — and yet another decision will be made.

If I were a betting woman I’d say Tommy will be found guilty of contempt of court to spare the blushes of the Establishment, but will have served sufficient time in HMP Onley under duress to be allowed to walk free.


Watching him walk out of prison was a fascinating thing. This new tiny person emerged, shrunken in size, with sharp cheekbones, struggling with trousers now four sizes too big for him. A haunted-looking thing blinking against the sun, disorientated by the sudden freedom from his cage, like a mistreated dog from a rescue shelter.


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