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Jussi Halla-Aho: When the Afghan people come to Europe, they will bring their backwardness with them…….




Jussi Halla-Aho: When the Afghan people come to Europe, they will bring their backwardness with them

The Finns chairman, Jussi Halla-Aho, recently published a Facebook posting, in which he ponders the cultural differences of those arriving in Europe with that of the local population. He juxtaposes general European legal concepts and the culture of action in conflict situations, as well as the right of the person who is arriving in Europe to carry out their own habits, whatever they may be.

Halla-Aho’s focus on the matter is a case in the UK in which an Afghan man is said to have thrown acid at his own child’s face.


Britain has, in recent days, had a case in which the face of a three-year-old child had caustic acid thrown onto it. One of the suspects is the father of the child, and the actual subject was supposedly the mother of the child. Contrary to the general practice, the police have not disclosed the names of suspects. This is understandable because, at least according to the information received by the British newspapers, the father is an asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Other suspects… well, look at the surveillance camera files.


The police’s somewhat naive approach to the case included, in the opinion of the party leader, precisely the reason why immigration is perceived as problematic: cultural differences cause collisions and cannot be avoided.


– Suddenly, it seems silly that the investigating police are commenting on the case: ‘ This is not the way to settle disputes ‘. But it really is at the heart of the matter. Societies consist of people. Afghanistan is one of the most backward countries in the world when it comes to evaluating women’s rights. Women’s stonings, live-burning and acid throwing among others, for reasons of honour, are quite common. When such people come to the West, they bring a backward step with them. In their opinion, this is the right, absolutely indispensable, way to settle disputes.


The acid attacks have become so common in Britain that the sale of chemicals is going to be limited, Halla-Aho says and continues:


– In relation to my previous posting, I am saying what it would be like if such a phenomenon were to be scandalous as widely as, say, someone who says something on the internet. That progressive people marched in the millennial procession, demanding an end to it. That we would have a dream world where the face of women and children didn’t haveacid thrown at them. It would be so strange that you’re not really able to imagine it.

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