Leftist Apologizers for Islam Leftist-Muslim nexus Muslim persecution of Christians

Islam persecutes Christians and the Left turns a blind eye…….


Post-Christian Europe (and US Leftists) continuously stabs a knife into the backs of Christians around the globe…



The social justice crowd turns its back to the abuse of women in Muslim countries.

Jack Kerwick

“Islamophobia” now belongs to the left’s Politically Correct catalog of unpardonable transgressions.


Christophobia, however, still hasn’t made the cut.


While no one should be mistreated because of their religion, to see that the left’s is a grossly twisted moral vision, that they are as guilty as sin itself of straining out the gnat while letting in the camel, we need only juxtapose the experience of Christians vis-à-vis persecution with that of Muslims.


It’s true indeed that there are many Muslims throughout the world that have been made to suffer.  Yet this has nothing to do with any so-called “Islamophobia,” for it is other Muslims, the corrupt leaders under which they live or the adherents of rival tribes and Islamic sects, from which their suffering stems.


And as far as Muslims in the West are concerned, the only “suffering” that they can be said to experience is the discomfort or inconvenience of supposedly being viewed with suspicion by their hosts.


This is what passes for “Islamophobia” throughout the contemporary Western world.


Never, though, do we hear from either native-born leftists or indignant Islamic immigrants about Christophobia.  


Never do they utter a peep about the unimaginably brutal, relentless, and horrific oppression suffered by legions of Christian men, women, and children around the planet.


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