Islamic anti-Semitism Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Islamonazi Erdogan call Israel the spirit of Hitler (serious projecting going on here)……


Jihad Watch: 


Erdogan: “Spirit of Hitler” lives on in Israel because of new nation state law


Turkey’s bombastic president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the “spirit of Hitler” lives on in Israel after the country passed a controversial “nation state” law which critics say is discriminatory towards the country’s Arab minority.


The jihad propagandist war against Israel continues. Erdogan referred to Israel as a “fascist, racist state” and invoked Hitler because of a new law that “downgrades Arabic from being an official language and encourages settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank.”


There is no reason for Arabic to be an official language in Israel. Arab states do not designate Hebrew as an official language. Palestinians, moreover, are merely historic settlers from Ottoman South Syria, but since Erdogan’s goal is to revive the Ottoman Empire, his words are to be expected.


Erdogan also stated:


There’s no difference between Hitler’s obsession with a pure race and the understanding that these ancient lands are just for the Jews.


Yet Arab Muslims hold seats in the Knesset and are active in every sphere of Israeli life. Jews and other non-Muslims are not similarly represented in any majority-Muslim country. Then there is the inconvenient truth that the vast Arab Muslim lands of the Middle East were captured from Christians by means of violent conquests, and Christians are still being wiped out by Muslims in the Middle East.


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