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Finland’s state news broadcaster YLE labels Steve Bannon as ‘Far-Right’…….


Keeping with their modus operandi of burping out lunatic Leftist talking points while scratching their rears…


Steve Bannon may be many things, but a fascist is not one of them. The article is about the new foundation being set up by Bannon, though no ‘funding’ has ever crossed his lips to date concerning the support his foundation would be giving. That’s solely an invention by YLE.


Finns Party secretary: We would “probably refuse” Bannon contribution

Finns Party secretary Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo says her political party would probably not accept funding from the US far-right agitator’s foundation – if it were offered.


Steve Bannon, former chief strategist for US President Donald Trump, announced this weekend that he would be establishing a foundation in Brussels with the intention of supporting right-wing and anti-establishment political groups in Europe in the run-up to the European Parliament elections.


The foundation is still in the planning stage, but news around the proposed project has mentioned research and communications help. Bannon himself has mentioned Finland’s Finns Party and Sweden’s Sweden Democrats as “perfect” targets. The Finns Party recently made headlines for its efforts to increase cooperation with the nationalist Swedish party.


“This came as a complete surprise. We haven’t received any offers yet, and we haven’t been contacted at all yet,” Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo, party secretary for the Finns Party, told the public broadcaster Yle.


She adds that her party already has a think-tank providing it with quality research and a party headquarters that is responsible for communications and social media.


“I can’t think of what kind of added value this type of support would bring. Of course, our party decision-makers would consider all offers in a proper fashion, if we receive them,” she said.


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