Israel: Lift or continue its harshest restrictions on Gaza..?


Truce shmuce…


Hamas/Islamnazis in general can always be counted on to do whatever they want regardless of agreed upon agreements, it’s all for allah don’t you know? Israel should NOT lift its restrictions, but that’s for them to debate and decide on themselves, this is just MY opinion.



Will Israel lift or continue its harshest restrictions on Gaza?


Gaza crossing crises: A litmus test for war?

 JULY 21, 2018 08:35

In June, Israel weighed a port project for Gaza in Cyprus that would ease the flow of goods into the Gaza Strip.

One month later, Israel has all but shut down the small 360-kilometer area that is home to 2 million Palestinians.

The difference is potentially one of war and peace. Last month, Israel weighed helping the US with a humanitarian plan for Gaza. This week the Defense Ministry is calculating whether or not to go to war.

For almost two decades, it has been possible to chart Israel’s relationship with Gaza, particularly its violent flare ups, by restrictions at the border crossings.

This Sunday, the Ministry of Defense will have to decide whether to extend the harshest set of restrictions it has leveled against Gaza since the 2014 war.

Last week, in an effort to force Hamas to halt its launching of rockets and makeshift incendiary weapons into Israel, it banned commercial goods. On Tuesday it halted until Sunday shipments of fuel and gas needed for electricity and cooking.

If those shipments are not renewed next week, according to the United Nations, Gaza hospitals and sanitation facilities will run out of their backup supplies.


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