Helsingin Sanomat Media malfeasance

Finnish communist column in Helsingin Sanomat: The US people too underdeveloped for democracy, they picked Trump as president……..


This jackass has no understanding of the US constitution whatsoever:


“The US constitution is the most democratic in the world”.

Of course it’s not, it’s a constitutional republic, based on proportionality, not on one man one vote. This communist’s idiocy is further underlined by his slamming of the electoral college. Constitutional republicanism is the complete opposite of a Social Democratic state. The former disperses power to the periphery while the latter concentrates it in a centralized government. Yrjö Rautio says he admires the US system that is totally at odds with his ideology, statism, yes he proceeds to lecture Donald Trump who not upholds the US system, but is doing his best at defending it, from both foreign and domestic enemies, including the #fakemedia at large. It’s telling that the @hsfi gives its pages to this buffoonish crackery, it’s not a serious paper whatsoever.


NOTE: This is another Gus Hall, a.k.a Arvo Kustaa Halberg, a know nothing, an empty skull with teeth mindlessly and endlessly clattering. I refuse to be lectured by this utter fool of a dope.


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Are people too underdeveloped for democracy? When watching Trump’s performance, it is hard to believe that he really is the leader of the people himself

In democracy, power is of the people, or the voter, and then there is also responsibility, writes Yrjö Rautio in his column.


When watching Trump’s performance, it is hard to believe that he is really the leader of the American people himself. He does not have the most basic conditions to lead the world’s largest economy and military.


THE US Constitution is the most democratic in the world. There are, however, features in American democracy that the European people find difficult to regard as particularly democratic. There are no major political leadership positions without a million people or wealthy supporters.

The electoral system will lead to low voter activity. In the 2016 presidential election it was 54.7 percent. Trump received three million votes less than Hillary Clinton , but was still elected. Trump’s victory was therefore only about a quarter of the US voters.




DEMOCRACYis based on the assumption of equality, rationality and accountability of people. We in the West have become accustomed to keeping democracy as a universal ideal, a model for the whole world.

Many conditions for democracy have improved. Well-being has increased and education levels have risen. Information exchange has experienced a revelation when new information technology has brought all the world’s knowledge to anyone.

But new threats to democracy also grow. New information technology opens unlimited possibilities for good but also for evil. It can promote interaction between people, understand each other, equality and tolerance, but also strengthen extremists, intolerance, hate speech and racism.

New information technology opens up unlimited possibilities for information and knowledge, but also for lies, disinformation and harassment, election of other states and other internal affairs. Especially Russia has taken this opportunity.



The United States has protected itself from autocratic tendencies with a strong legal system and a free media. However, Trump also has the same qualities as other autocratic heads of state, including the fact that he holds the free press as his main enemy. He declares the EU as an enemy and smears Angela Merkel’s Germany, but the North Korean dictator and the Russian president he likes as his friends.


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