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As UKIP rebounds after Farage departure, Gerald Batten once again is attacked in the press…….


I find it hilarious that the media call those of us who engage with them on Twitter, ‘trolls’, while they (heavily politicized media) ankle bite politicians with whom they disagree on a regular basis.


UKIP’s fortunes are rising so I must be attacked. I notice they don’t challenge the facts of what I said. Inaccurate reporting though. I said the House of Lords must be ‘swept away’ not MPs. Establishment attacks mean we the right track.


UKIP is bouncing back in an altogether nastier form

Brexit’s problems mean the populist party is back in business. But its purpose has changed


“RAPE-GANG members are predominantly followers of the cult of Mohammed,” declares the speaker, in a matter-of-fact tone. The crowd gathered on Whitehall boo. “The founder of their cult was himself a paedophile and kept sex slaves,” he continues in a near monotone. MPs are “traitors, collaborators and quislings,” he adds. “They must be swept away.” The language was incendiary, the delivery was prosaic and the messenger was Gerard Batten, the leader of the UK Independence Party.


UKIP is back. After weeks of headlines and government resignations over the Conservatives’ bungled negotiations to leave the European Union, the party that infected British politics with the Brexit virus is on the up. Polls put UKIP at up to 8%, the same as the Liberal Democrats. A narrative of betrayal is driving voters back to UKIP. But they are returning to a very different party to the one they left.



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