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Netherlands: Government cabinet says Israel NOT paying of Islamonazis is unwise…….


There are wise, then there are ‘otherwise’…


A total dunce/dhimmi approach to handling sharia supremacist Islamonazis. Pay them off, the baksheesh will supposedly save your hides, until it doesn’t. This is what passes for sound governance these days. The only recourse to the jihad/Islam in general, is to stiffly oppose it like we did German Nazism, and in part Russian Communism (the socialism went pretty much unscathed though it was the root from which communism sprang, so with the Islam/Islamist dynamic).


Dutch Cabinet: Israel’s Deduction of Money Paid to Terrorists by Palestinians is Unwise


Israel has decided to withhold from tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority payments to terrorists and their families by the PA.


In answer to parliamentary questions, ministers Blok and Kaag reply that the Dutch government considers this Israeli decision unwise.


(Suggested Dutch parliamentary question: If someone kills Dutch ministers, will the Dutch government pay him or her for that?)


FM: BNFTN via cidi.nl

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