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India: Sharia court determines wife cannot remarry husband without first consummating marriage with a 3rd party…….


Islam always works against the woman…


The Islamics belong to a 7th century freak show that no sane person wants to witness let alone attend.


Muslim law board endorses nikah halala, says it is quranic practice and cannot be challenged


The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has made an astonishing claim as the Supreme Court is at the helm of hearing a batch of petitions challenging nikah halala. It stated that the practice “cannot be challenged since it is quranic”.


At a review meeting held in Delhi on Sunday, 40 leading members addressed issues pertaining to the community at length.

“Nikah halala cannot be challenged,” AIMPLB secretary and legal counsel Zafaryab Jilani stated after the meeting.


“Nikah halala is a practice where you cannot marry your wife again after divorce unless she marries and consummates the marriage with someone else. It is a must that the wife is divorced again. This is as per the Quran and the board cannot have a different opinion,” Jilani added.


Responding to a question on several nikah halala rackets being run for money and the exploitation of women, Jilani added that a “Nikah with an intention to have Halala is not valid” and the “culprits should be arrested as per law”.


The board also decided that Shariat courts will be opened across 10 cities in India.

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