Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands Dhimmitude Islamic terrorism

Netherlands: Lawyer for kosher restaurant attacked by Islamonazi says mayor intentionally misjudged the crime to avoid terror charges…….


The more they close their eyes the more society as a whole and Jews in particular feel the sword tip…


One could be excused for coming to the conclusion that the mayor, the political elite in general are actively pushing for the entire removal of Jews from not only the Netherlands, but from the whole of European as well.


Syrian Terrorist explains his Attack on Jewish Restaurant


In an interview with the daily Telegraaf, the Syrian terrorist who attacked a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam, says that his attack was the result of the US president’s decision to move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.


There was much publicity about the fact that the police initially let him vandalize the restaurant before arresting him.


Herman Loonstein, the lawyer of the restaurant owner, said that the prosecution and in particular Amsterdam mayor Van Aartsen, have totally misjudged the crime and did not want to admit that it was a terrorist attack.



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