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Iran’s brave dissidents desperately need Western support if they are to continue pitting their lives against the regime.


A senior Iranian official has accused Israel of stealing its clouds. Yes, you read that right. Clouds as in the sky.

Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization, has said: “Israel and another country in the region have joint teams which work to ensure clouds entering Iranian skies are unable to release rain. On top of that, we are facing the issue of cloud and snow theft.”

His evidence? A survey showing that all mountainous areas higher than 2,200 meters between Afghanistan and the Mediterranean were covered in snow except for Iran.

Case closed, eh? Although the general’s claim was refuted by the head of Iran’s meteorological service, it fits the regime’s generally paranoid and deranged statements about, and threats against, Israel and the Jews.

Such lunacies should constitute a red flag against having any dealings at all with such people. Yet Britain and the EU continue to insist on treating them as rational negotiating partners instead of the genocidal religious fanatics that they are.


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