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Finn party moves up in the polls…….


The Marxists (SDP) however are in the lead over the pseudo conservatives Kokoomus (National Coalition)…


Yle Poll: Finns Party up, top three stable

The Social Democrats retained their lead at the top of the polls in Yle’s monthly tracking poll, and the Finns Party gained some support.

Finnish party support poll

Yle’s monthly tracking poll suggests that the Social Democrats are the most popular political party in Finland, favoured by some 20.3 percent of respondents, followed by the National Coalition on 19.7 percent.


Both showed a slight increase on their figures from the same poll last month. The Centre Party, which took the Prime Minister post by getting 21.1 percent of the vote in the 2015 election, languishes on 16.6 percent.


In fourth spot is the Green Party, on 13.9 percent, while the poll suggests the Finns Party’s support is around 10.3 percent—an increase of some 2 percentage points on June. Even that figure, however, is within the poll’s 2.1 percentage point margin of error.


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