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UK: Prison authorities refusing to mail Tommy Robinson’s letters to his wife…….


If true it’s beyond the Pale…


They’re trying to break him mentally, keeping him from any kind of contact with his family members. This is cruel, this is how the heavy handed state under the Theresa May is working. In trying to keep Tommy from talking about the conditions he’s living under, they’re sealing him up, only 1 hr a day free from solitary confinement. It’s hard to imagine the stress and strain he’s under.


Stay strong Tommy, we are pulling for both you and your family to be soon united once again.



EXCLUSIVE: Prison REFUSES to post Tommy Robinson’s letters to his wife

LETTERS sent by jailed right-wing activist, Tommy Robinson are not being sent to his wife Politicalite can exclusively reveal.


According to sources, HMP Onley, the prison that Tommy is in has refused to post his letters to his wife and children over fears that they may be shared online.


Our source told us: “I would have thought it’s up to the person who receives letters if they wanna share a letter they’ve received.”


They also revealed that Tommy is locked up 23 hours a day, and calls to his wife are scheduled when his children are at school, meaning he can’t speak to them.


“Tommy is locked up 23 hours a day, he’s allowed a shower and one phone call to his wife at 1-1.30pm, but at that time his little kids are at school – so he cant speak to them and the prison won’t post his letters.


He’s being treated worse than a terrorist”


Sources confirmed to Politicalite that Tommy is only allowed out of his cell for a shower each day.


The news comes after Tommy sent a letter to his fans and supporters and revealed details of life inside.


More here.


H/T: Gaia


Send Tommy Robinson a letter, I am.


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  1. His family is surely complicit. Locking up the whole bunch till the scheduled release date to guarantee family unity seems an obvious Win/Win.

    I encourage stern enforcement of a three-strikes-and-out policy. Being a White bloke are the first two strikes. Only a heavy hand can halt the wave of felony disaffection promulgated by this cabal of serial thought felons. Any White blokes wishing immunity from prosecution by the Queen’s Office of Political Inquisition best petition the NHS for frontal lobotomy early, before the plea bargainers get scheduling preference.

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