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Netherlands: Kook Mayor of Amsterdam wants to court Islamonazi Salafists in order to stem Islamonazi radicalization …….


Calling him just a ‘kook’ is way to kind of me…


Amsterdam Mayor wants to collaborate with Salafists

Amsterdam Mayor Van Aartsen, wants to collaborate with Salafists organizations. 


He says that it is best to have a broad agenda with a variety of points including positive ones.


When Van Aartsen was Mayor of the Hague, he already had a failed cooperation with the radical Soennah Mosque.  One of the Amsterdam Council members said that  “this mosque preaches female circumcision.”


FM: BNFTN via Telegraaf.nl:

A pragmatic approach in dealing with religious organizations offers, according to the researchers, more opportunities for structural cooperation are needed with these organizations”, says Van Aartsen. It is not only about combating radicalization. “It is better to draw up a positive, comprehensive agenda with also various, positive, points.” Earlier, Van Aartsen already said that the municipality should reach out to Salafist youths.


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