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“The Ramadan Made Me Do It…….”


Islam does not enrich our societies, it never has and never will…


In fact, the historical record is amazingly clear, Islam destroys societies.


Woman suffering from migraine after fasting for Ramadan attacked her neighbour

Sameena Ahmed slapped her neighbour of 10 years in a row over her daughter


A woman who attacked her pregnant neighbour said she was feeling unwell because she had been fasting for Ramadan.


Sameena Ahmed went to confront the victim over an assault involving her daughter.

She slapped her neighbour of 10 years across the face and assaulted her victim’s partner as he came to her aid.


The brawl happened on Ouzelwell Lane in Thornhill Lees , Kirklees magistrates were told.


Ahmed pleaded guilty to charges of assault and assault by beating when she appeared before Kirklees magistrates court on Tuesday.


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