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Finland: Former president candidate Laura Huhtasaari (Finns) spat on for wearing a Star of David on Helsinki street…….


No Finn, no matter how radical they are would ever do such a thing, this is the action by someone with a totally different mentality altogether…


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“If this happened to a muslim,we’d have endless a-studio session on how racist we are,government would hold emergency meetings,”journalists” wouldn’t tweet about anything else for weeks etc..”

Laura Huhtasaari tells of a threatening incident in Helsinki: “My first reaction was to flee”

Laura Huhtasaari says that an unknown man spat on her in the early morning of Tuesday in downtown Helsinki.
MP Laura Huhtasaari (ps) was in Helsinki on Tuesday early in the morning. Huhtasaari twittered this after 6 o’clock in the evening.
According to Huhtasaari, a man of “at least 30 years of age” had walked towards her on Fredrikinkatu in Helsinki. Huhtasaari had browsed her cellphone when the respondent suddenly spat on her.

Huhtasaari was walking home from work.

– The man held up a middle finger at the same time, which came very close to my face. He said something, but I did not understand what he was saying, Huhtasaari was scared the situation she told the IS. According to Huhtasaari, the situation was unexpected and there was a threat of violence. – There were other people, but I did not stop anyone. My first reaction was to escape. It was a threatening situation. I did not even take a picture because I did not want to provoke.

Huhtasaari herself believes that a man spit on her because Huhtasaari was wearing a Start of David around her neck.

– It made me feel that he was spitting because of the symbol. I felt that his eyes were looking at the necklace, Huhtasaari ponders.

After the incident, Huhtasaari had gone home to change clothes and then went back to the area. She’s going to find out if there are surveillance cameras available to help find the perp.

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