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Turkish poobah Erdogan anointed in wake of sham election election results, jailed and/or drove out real opposition, no one really left to oppose him……..


Any media failing to point this out discredits not only itself but treats it readers with contempt…


It’s official: Erdogan wins presidential election

Turkey’s election authority chief confirms incumbent president had won presidential election in the first round.


Turkey’s election authority chief confirmed on Sunday night that incumbent Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had won the country’s presidential election in the first round, reported The Associated Press.


The announcement came after 97.7% of the votes had been counted. Erdogan had won 52.5% of the vote, thus preventing a run-off.


The head of the Supreme Election Council, Sadi Guven, said the remaining votes would not affect the outcome of Erdogan’s re-election.


The vote also ushered in an executive presidency system giving Erdogan sweeping new powers, noted AP.


In a speech following the official announcement of his victory, Erdogan said he would immediately begin to fulfill his campaign promises.


He announced that Turkey will continue to “liberate Syrian lands” so that refugees can return to Syria safely, according to Reuters.


Erdogan also said Turkey would also act more decisively against terrorist organizations.


Earlier on Sunday, Erdogan was projected to have won 52.8% of the vote after 95% of the ballots had been counted.


His primary opponent in Sunday’s election, Muharrem Ince, head of the center-left Republican People’s Party, had just 29.9% of the vote.


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