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Daniel Greenfield: Islamic Terrorists and Gay Targets, the real issue isn’t Islamophobia but Islam…….


The latter helped along by the feckless and very fake media…



The real issue isn’t homophobia, it’s Islam.

A few days before the second anniversary of the Pulse massacre in Orlando, Florida, two Muslim terrorists were arrested in a plot to attack gay targets in France. There may be no connection beyond coincidence, but the media would have normally made one anyway if it weren’t avoiding the subject.


The aftermath of Omar Mateen’s killing spree was one of the modern media’s low points. And these days that’s a competitively low bar. Cable news ignored Omar’s declaration that he was an Islamic terrorist and instead wildly speculated that he was secretly gay and homophobic at the same time.


It’s been established conclusively that the ISIS terrorist wasn’t gay. He may not have even known that he was about to open fire in a gay nightclub. His original target had been the Disney Springs mall.


And his message began with, “In the name of Allah.”


ISIS has recorded propaganda videos of its fighters fully implementing Sharia law by hurling gay men off buildings. But after the media’s misleading coverage, it appeared to urge future attackers to avoid targets where their intentions might be misinterpreted. ISIS had managed to pull of its deadliest attack in America only to have it be attributed to repressed homosexuality instead of the glorious caliphate.


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