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Netherlands: Holocaust denying Muslim convert Arnoud van Doorn tweets Nazis as perhaps ‘protectors of Europe’……..


Of course he did, he’s a follower of a totalitarian who hated Jews as much as Adolf Hitler…


The Islam becomes a central feature in Europe, the more this kind of Holocaust denial will be seen and  taken seriously by the public. More Islam = more Jew hatred and fraudulent  historical revisionism…


Krikke: ‘Arnoud van Doorn would adorn it if he takes back his statement’


UPDATE The mayor of The Hague, Pauline Krikke , says she must have nothing of the very controversial tweet which the Hague councilor Arnoud van Doorn of the Party of the Unity made public yesterday. Van Doorn should take this statement back, ” says the mayor. 


Local politician and frantic twitterer Arnoud van Doorn tweeted yesterday: ‘ Just read an interesting article. Did the “good” win the Second World War, did they? ” Or were the Nazis the protectors of European civilization against (including American) Zionism and Stalin’s communism? Is there perhaps historical falsification? Something to think about.”


Holocaust denial 2.0?


‘Disgusting’, ‘anti-Semitic’, ‘nauseating’, that is what fellow board members of CDA and PvdA call the verdict. Fatima Faïd of the Hague City Party also reacts furiously: ,, What is this again? Holocaust denial 2.0? ” Council member Hanneke van der Werf of D66 is especially shocked: ‘If someone labels the destruction of the Jews with the word’ interesting ‘, then all the alarm bells will ring.’ ‘  


Mayor Krikke takes the dubious verdict to warn. “Anyone who denies or distorts the events in the Second World War will distort history. The longer this war is behind us, the fewer people can tell first-hand what has happened. That makes it all the more important that we tell our young people the facts and horrors of the Second World War. “


More here in Dutch

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