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Finland: Syrian refugee beat his kids with leather belt after learning he couldn’t beat wife any longer, eldest daughter kept from school…….


This is what will become the norm if Islam ever gains a strong enough foothold in the country…


So we’re supposed to believe that since he’s coming from a civil war scenario, we’re to excuse his behavior (be compassionate), which always was violent towards his family no doubt?


Father of four beat children with leather belts in Espoo – Youngest of the children was at the time of 2 years

The family member denied the assault in court and said the children were just lively.



THE MAN FROM ESPOO was convicted of assault on his four children. The father had hit two lower-grade and two under-aged children with a leather belt. The youngest of the children were at the time was between 2-3 years old. The assaults took place in 2016 and 2017.


Suspicions of assault arose when the oldest daughter was unable to walk to school due to the abuse, and the teacher asked what had happened.

The family’s father denied beatings. He admitted to hitting his eldest daughter once by the belt by accident. He also said he was stressed by his life’s situation. He had arrived in Finland from the civil war in Syria.


The father defended himself in court saying that the children are lively and they are all the time bruised. He also stated that all of the children would be bruised if he had beaten them.


The mother of the family said the he battered the children often. According to her, the father assaulted mostly his eldest daughters because they tried to defend their siblings.


“When my husband realized that he can no longer beat me, he started to beat our children more,” the woman told the police.


The Espoo District Court issued a judgment last week. The court ordered the father to pay the children a total of EUR 1 100 in compensation. In addition, he received six months of conditional imprisonment.


It is still possible to appeal against the judgment by appealing to the Court of Appeal.

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