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Jimmie Åkesson (SD) on Järvaveckan: Scarf ban in Swedish preschool……


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Jimmie Åkesson (SD) on Järvaveckan: Scarf ban in Swedish preschool

On Friday, Sweden Democrats ‘ leader Jimmie Åkesson spoke at Järvaveckan. He presented there the proposal to ban the veil on preschool children.


“Sweden stands at a crossroads. Should we continue to be a segregated, divided country, where parallel societies are allowed to emerge or should we break that development, he began his speech.


Jimmie Åkesson said that Sweden always had immigration and also would have it under Sweden Democrat government.


“It should be an immigration that is regulated and that we can handle. We must also make demands on those who come to our country that they must adapt to the way in which our society works. You cannot expect to live just as they did in their homeland, he said and received applause.


“Veil a symbol of oppression”

He talked about that in Sweden we strive for equality, treats animals well and seeks consensus and presented during his speech proposal to protect children against Islamism and honor oppression.


Children over three years of age, have two foreign-born parents and who live in outlying areas must have compulsory preschool. It was one of the proposals that Jimme Åkesson came up with. He also wants a scarf ban for children in Swedish pre-schools.


– Veil, and niqab are not just religious symbols. They are also symbols of women’s oppression, for values that do not belong in our country. Swedish preschool should offer children a peaceful place. Peace from oppression and Islamism.


“Swedish only allowed language”

Schools that do not follow the ban can either be fined or closed according to Jimmie Åkesson, who also found freedom of religion in Sweden does not give a right to do anything in the name of religion.


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